Why You Should Rebook Your Appointment

Each week we are constantly busy working away in our wonderful, Blisque Salon. We love coming in each morning, seeing your faces, catching up on your lives and doing hair transformations on you all. It’s why we do this job. We love to make people feel beautiful and empowered in their own skin. And we believe that your hair speaks for yourself. So let it shine!

Here in the salon it can get quite busy, and we always want to accommodate you for all your hair needs. One step towards this, is to make sure you are re-booking your appointments.

Why is it important to re-book?

1. Keep your hair colour looking fresh.
Between the 4-5 week mark, hair colour starts to fade and your regrowth can show through. Keep on top of your colour by booking in between 4-6 weeks and constantly have your hair looking like you have just stepped out of the salon.

2. A day and time that suits you.
Time can slip away from us all. We are busy people, and we get that! So, make sure when finishing up your appointment that you book in advance for a time and day that suits you and your schedule. At least that way, we can lock it in, and if a change is needed closer to the day, we can try and accommodate a more suitable time.

3. Trim away those split ends.
Regular hair trims can prevent split ends from showing up in nasty places where we definitely do not want them! At the ends of our hair! When split ends are severely damaged, they can cause breakage, and then that breakage can travel up the hair shaft, further damaging your hair that you work so hard to keep healthy. Stay on top of trims. If you are growing your hair and worried about losing too much, every 2nd visit (8-10 weeks) will help you keep split ends away.

So next time you’re in the salon, make sure you re-book your next appointment!
Don’t have an appointment and would like to make one?
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