The Weekend Blows

So it’s Fri-Yay, and I’m counting down the minutes until the weekend arrives – Aren’t we all! I’m going into the city tonight with a few of my girlfriends. It’s not something I do very often, so in celebration of it, I have decided to treat myself to a signature wash and blow wave at Blisque!

Today with Tori, we are going to create sexy, loose curls and show you how we did it!

Step 1 – Today we are going to be using the ‘Gluttony‘ range by Evo to create a full, volumised look with the hair. Wash hair with Evo ‘Gluttony‘ Shampoo, twice. Wash hair with Evo ‘Bride Of Gluttony‘ Conditioner, making sure you only condition the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair.

Step 2 – Take your Evo ‘Whip It Good‘ styling mousse and work it through your towel dried hair to create texture, fullness and hold.

Step 3 – When blow drying, we are going to use our handy man ‘Pete‘ in the paddle brush, to brush through your hair and smooth it out. To create more volume at the roots when drying your hair, flip your hair to opposite side of your head and dry sides opposite ways.

Step 4 – Spray your Evo ‘Water Killer‘ throughout your hair to give it that ‘bed head/next day’ look. ‘Water Killer‘ will also add to the texture and volume of your hair.

Step 5 – Section your hair, taking your Cloud 9 Standard Iron and curl hair, spraying it with Evo ‘Helmut Light‘ Hairspray to add hold.

Step 6 – Brush out curls with Evo’s ‘Bradford‘ Dressing Brush to loosen them and smooth over hair.

Once you have done all of that, you will now have sexy, loose tousled waves ready for any special occasion!

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Treat yourself to our signature blow wave in the Blisque Salon!
We’ll do all the work for you and have you feeling super glamorous for your day or night.

For a Short-Medium B/W – $42.00
For a Long Hair B/W – $53.00

Call us now on (03) 9775 2949 to book in, or book directly through our Bookings Page Here
Have a great weekend everyone, xx