Maintaining Healthy, Blonde Hair


So, you’ve got blonde hair. Or maybe you’re deciding to take the plunge and go lighter with your hair.
As we all know, bleach can be one of the most damaging things to do to your hair. It literally removes colour and can cause brittle, damaged and weak hair. But in saying that, your hair does not need to stay in this condition! There is hope!

Today, I am going to list what we recommend to maintain healthy, strong blonde hair.

1. I cannot stress this enough, please go to a professional. As we are all fully qualified hairdressers, we really know what we are talking about and can give you the best possible outcome when lightening your hair, without compromising the health of it. We will be able to assess the current condition of your hair, and give you personalised advice based on the desired colour that you are after.

2. When working with bleach, not only are you removing your hairs natural colouring, you can also remove the nutrients. Using a protein shampoo can help rebuild and repair the hair follicles. We recommend Evo’s Ritual Salvation Protein Shampoo (RRP $29.95)

3. Bleaching hair can cause it to be brittle and damaged, so moisture is needed to be put back into it once you have used a protein shampoo to maintain sleek, smooth and shiny hair – While keeping it light and non greasy. You can use this treatment once a week, or for thicker hair you can opt to use this instead of conditioner. We recommend Evo’s The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask (RRP $29.95)

4. In combination with a protein shampoo, you should be using a moisturising conditioner to calm and de-frizz your hair. With using the golden ingredient, Argan Oil – It is proven to make your hair softer, shinier and silkier, it can even help repair split ends – You really can’t go wrong. We recommend Evo’s The Therapist Calming Conditioner (RRP $29.95)

5. So your hair is washed and you need to dry it. Blow dryers can be more beneficial for your hair than air drying, if done correctly. It is always best if you can keep away from the hot setting and blow dry your hair on the cool or warm setting, while keeping the hair dryer a good distance away from your hair. Adding a heat protectant to your hair before drying it can really improve the quality of it. But why stop at just the one benefit? We have a miracle product that can help with 11 things that your hair will love! It adds shine, smoothness and softness. It controls your frizz & flyaways. It moisturises the ends. It strengthens fragile hair. It prevents split ends. It detangles. It protects against heat styling. It enhances the natural body of your hair. It repairs dry damaged hair. It protects hair colour. It also prevents chlorine and sun damage. It really earned its name. We recommend Eleven Australia’s Miracle Hair Treatment (RRP $24.95)

6. Last but not least, finish off your hair with a touch of love. This weightless spray adds incredible shine and prevents against humidity and frizz, without collapsing your style. It also smells like a watermelon haven! We recommend Evo’s Love Touch Shine Spray (RRP $29.95)

Blonde hair can be very time consuming work, but when treated and maintained properly with the help of professional hairdressers, it can be absolutely killer! We love taking pride in producing outstanding blonde colours on all of you beautiful people. So come in for a consultation and lets get you rocking that hair. All products listed in this blog can be purchased in store at Blisque Salon.

Please contact one of our fully qualified hairdressers at Blisque Salon on 9775 2949 to book an appointment today!