Why You Should Rebook Your Appointment

Each week we are constantly busy working away in our wonderful, Blisque Salon. We love coming in each morning, seeing your faces, catching up on your lives and doing hair transformations on you all. It’s why we do this job. We love to make people feel beautiful and empowered in their own skin. And we believe that your hair speaks for yourself. So let it shine!

Here in the salon it can get quite busy, and we always want to accommodate you for all your hair needs. One step towards this, is to make sure you are re-booking your appointments.

Why is it important to re-book?

1. Keep your hair colour looking fresh.
Between the 4-5 week mark, hair colour starts to fade and your regrowth can show through. Keep on top of your colour by booking in between 4-6 weeks and constantly have your hair looking like you have just stepped out of the salon.

2. A day and time that suits you.
Time can slip away from us all. We are busy people, and we get that! So, make sure when finishing up your appointment that you book in advance for a time and day that suits you and your schedule. At least that way, we can lock it in, and if a change is needed closer to the day, we can try and accommodate a more suitable time.

3. Trim away those split ends.
Regular hair trims can prevent split ends from showing up in nasty places where we definitely do not want them! At the ends of our hair! When split ends are severely damaged, they can cause breakage, and then that breakage can travel up the hair shaft, further damaging your hair that you work so hard to keep healthy. Stay on top of trims. If you are growing your hair and worried about losing too much, every 2nd visit (8-10 weeks) will help you keep split ends away.

So next time you’re in the salon, make sure you re-book your next appointment!
Don’t have an appointment and would like to make one?
Book via our Online Bookings page or call us on (03) 9775 2949 today!

The Weekend Blows

So it’s Fri-Yay, and I’m counting down the minutes until the weekend arrives – Aren’t we all! I’m going into the city tonight with a few of my girlfriends. It’s not something I do very often, so in celebration of it, I have decided to treat myself to a signature wash and blow wave at Blisque!

Today with Tori, we are going to create sexy, loose curls and show you how we did it!

Step 1 – Today we are going to be using the ‘Gluttony‘ range by Evo to create a full, volumised look with the hair. Wash hair with Evo ‘Gluttony‘ Shampoo, twice. Wash hair with Evo ‘Bride Of Gluttony‘ Conditioner, making sure you only condition the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair.

Step 2 – Take your Evo ‘Whip It Good‘ styling mousse and work it through your towel dried hair to create texture, fullness and hold.

Step 3 – When blow drying, we are going to use our handy man ‘Pete‘ in the paddle brush, to brush through your hair and smooth it out. To create more volume at the roots when drying your hair, flip your hair to opposite side of your head and dry sides opposite ways.

Step 4 – Spray your Evo ‘Water Killer‘ throughout your hair to give it that ‘bed head/next day’ look. ‘Water Killer‘ will also add to the texture and volume of your hair.

Step 5 – Section your hair, taking your Cloud 9 Standard Iron and curl hair, spraying it with Evo ‘Helmut Light‘ Hairspray to add hold.

Step 6 – Brush out curls with Evo’s ‘Bradford‘ Dressing Brush to loosen them and smooth over hair.

Once you have done all of that, you will now have sexy, loose tousled waves ready for any special occasion!

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Treat yourself to our signature blow wave in the Blisque Salon!
We’ll do all the work for you and have you feeling super glamorous for your day or night.

For a Short-Medium B/W – $42.00
For a Long Hair B/W – $53.00

Call us now on (03) 9775 2949 to book in, or book directly through our Bookings Page Here
Have a great weekend everyone, xx

Blisque’s First Master Class

So you would have seen on our Instagram page (If you haven’t, go check it out @blisquesalon) that we are running our first ever Masters Class at Blisque Salon! This is such an exciting time for us, as we are thrilled to be able to share with you some of our most requested tips and tricks of the trade to keep you looking fabulous throughout the days and nights!

Running our Masters Class will be Blisque Salon owner and senior stylist, Jess Wintle. Alongside her will be another one of our incredibly talented senior stylists and qualified Make Up Artist, Sarah Ryan.
Together this dynamic duo will be teaching you ways to re-create the most sought after hair and makeup looks trending this year, product must-haves, makeup essentials and the tools to create these looks easily at home.

We will be providing delicious nibbles and sparking wine, and we have also organised some giveaways and discounts for you on the night. Not to mention, the incredible goodie bags for you to take home.
It will be such a wonderful night that we are so excited to share with you all, so please join us and take advantage of the knowledge that we have learned over the years working with incredible teams.

We are overwhelmed with the response we have had so far, so there are only a few very limited spots left available!
Tickets are $80 and can be purchased in store, over the phone or via email.
Please contact us on (03) 9775 2949, pop in the salon, or email Jess to secure your spot – blisquesalon@gmail.com

We are so thankful to everyone who has purchased a ticket so far, and cannot wait to show you what we have planned!


Babylights – Natural and Low Maintenance

We’ve all heard of Ombre, it has been so popular these past few seasons due to celebrity trends, it’s so low maintenance, and you kind of get the best of both worlds of hair colour! But one thing that has been creeping in for a while now, and in full swing to take over are Babylights!

So, what exactly are babylights? Well – They are a natural-looking highlight that mimic the sun-kissed tones in your hair, embracing your natural hair colour!
There are three things that we work with when adding these delicate babylights to your hair.
We take into consideration where you part your hair, working with where your hairline starts and also the ends of the hair. “The highlights should be baby-fine around the hairline and in the crown, with a soft graduation of colour that is two shades lighter at the ends.”
When you look at ombre hair, it is generally two or three contrasting colours – With babylights, they should be soft, fine, beautiful little lights that the sun has kissed onto your hair.

The application is very similar to highlights, the difference is the amount of hair that is in the foils, and the separation between them. For babylights, you use just a little bit of hair and create small separations between foils so the highlights blend with the base colour.

Just like ombre, babylights are low maintenance for you. Since the highlights are so fine, as the hair grows out, the overall style of it looks softer, more subtle and there are no lines, just beautiful flowing hair.

Just because babylights are low maintenance, don’t skip out on the hair treatments! Nourish your hair, treat it, love it and we have a miracle product that can help with 11 things that your hair will love! It adds shine, smoothness and softness. It controls your frizz & flyaways. It moisturises the ends. It strengthens fragile hair. It prevents split ends. It detangles. It protects against heat styling. It enhances the natural body of your hair. It repairs dry damaged hair. It protects hair colour. It also prevents chlorine and sun damage. It has really earned its name – Eleven’s ‘Miracle Hair Treatment’ is for sale in Blisque Salon for $24.95 and we are in love with it!

Next time you pop into our salon, ask us about having babylights! We love them, and we know you will too.

Brand New Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks


It’s now Friday and THAT much closer to the weekend. What better way to celebrate than with our brand new order that came through the door this morning of Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks! Now we are excited to let our (freshly blow-waved) hair down, put on some lipstick and kiss the hell out of the weekend!

I’m extra excited for the brand new colour ‘Sparkling Plum’!

Who and what is Shanghai Suzy?
(Taken from Shanghai Suzy)

Founded by former cosmetics marketing exec Joanna Wheaton, Shanghai Suzy is a lipstick-only cosmetics brand housing a bold and bright range of lipsticks. The only cosmetics brand of it’s kind, Shanghai Suzy takes it’s cues from the fashion industry – each colour lipstick is limited edition and a new on-trend range is delivered every season.

Tired of paying $30 or more for fashion lipsticks that she would only wear a few times, Joanna felt that there was a gap in the market for affordable, on-trend lipsticks that delivered in terms of pigment, formula, colour and packaging – and so Shanghai Suzy was born. At $12.95 each the lipsticks are perfectly ‘cheap and chic’. And with a fragrance inspired by grape flavoured bubblegum, say goodbye to that typical waxy lipstick smell.

The brand was launched in August 2013 and is currently in it’s fourth season. Each bold hue is matched with its optimal formula – either ‘Matte’, ‘Nourish’ or ‘Shimmer’. The ‘Matte’ formula is thick, creamy and long-lasting, and the ‘Nourish’ formula contains jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E to care for and moisturise lips whilst delivering a beautiful subtle colour with a slight sheen.  The new ‘Shimmer’ formula emulates sparkling lips straight off the catwalk, it’s completely wearable and buildable for a subtle shimmer or a full coverage, full impact sparkling look. Shanghai Suzy is available to purchase in over 500 stores nationally – in your favourite beauty salons, fashion boutiques and online shopping haunts – please view the stockist page for an outlet near you.

Like all our products that we use here in the Blisque Salon, Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients. Perfect!

All Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are in stock and ready to make a statement!
Pick up your lipstick in Blisque Salon today and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Have you tried the Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks? We want to see you sporting your favourite colour! Don’t forget to tag @blisquesalon and #blisquesalon so we can see your beautiful photos!

Lunch In 15 Minutes

We’re busy as always here in the salon, and sometimes we don’t have time to run down to the shops to get our lunch. We try to eat as healthy as we can here, and always sharing our favourite meals and recipes with each other to try! Today, Jaymee came in with a salad that we all couldn’t get enough! We all wanted the recipe, so we decided to share it with you too! It takes around 10-15 minutes to make, and tastes so delicious – You will love it and are certain to impress people with how good a salad can be!
She shopped all of these ingredients from Coles Supermarket, but you can substitute it all from your local fresh produce market or wherever you love to shop!


Ingredients (Serves up to 10):

Kale Coleslaw Salad Kit, 400g
Baby Spinach Leaves, 120 g
Hass Avocado
Cherry Tomatoes, 250g
Danish Style Feta, 300g
Changs Crunchy Noodles, 100g
Shredded Roast Chicken (Deli), 400g approx
$8.00 (approx.)
Praise Deli Style Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing, 185g
Total Cost-
$30.64 – That’s $3.00 per serving!

In the Kale Salad Coleslaw Mix, you will find a ‘Yoghurt & Chia Seed Dressing’ and a ‘Three Seed Mix’. Remove them and place them aside for now. Combine Kale Coleslaw and Baby Spinach into a large serving bowl.
2. Dice avocado, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese, and add to salad mix.
3. Cut Shredded Roast Chicken into desired size pieces (they can be quite large), and add into the bowl.
4. Add the Three Seed Mix through, and toss everything together with tongs.
5. Mix through your Yoghurt & Chia Seed Dressing, and also the Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing (about 1/4 – 1/2 of the bottle).
6. Toss in the Crunchy Noodles.
* For the freshest salad taste, add dressings and crunchy noodles right before serving.

If you try this recipe, let us know! We would love to hear/see how you went with it! Remember to tag #blisquesalon & @blisquesalon in your posts so we can see them. Happy salad days!!

Hair Tutorial: The Longer, Fully Ponytail.

Last week we posted on our Instagram, asking what you guys want to see from us and we have listened! You wanted quick, easy and effortless tutorials for your hair and that’s what we got busy with! So here is our first tutorial on how to create a longer, fuller ponytail and how we did it.


Step 1. Prep hair with Evo Icon Welder (RRP $29.95) to protect and shape your hair. Curl your hair as shown and then brush out curls.
Step 2. Section your hair, tying a high & tight ponytail on the top of your head.
Step 3. Tie the remaining hair up, at the lower point of your head.
Step 4. Finish ponytail with Caviar – Rapid Repair Spray (RRP $45.95) which is our favourite shine spray! Enjoy a longer, fuller ponytail!

There you go, so quick and easy! Let us know how you go. Show us by using #blisquesalon and tag @blisquesalon into your posts. Have a great weekend everyone! Love us xxx

What’s In Jess’ Bathroom?

Today we are booked back to back with our lovely clients, getting ready for the long weekend due to Anzac Day! So while it’s all busy in here as usual, let’s keep it calm and relaxed for today’s entry.
While I was getting ready for work this morning, I had a thought that I would share with you all what I’m currently using for my daily care routine!

What’s in Jess’ Bathroom?

Alright, so at the moment I am using my ever trusty Evo – Gluttony Shampoo (RRP $29.95) which is specially targeted to maximise the volume of my hair, while also building body and texture. It’s enriched with protein which is good for repairing and rebuilding hair follicles! I wash my hair every second day, and I always make sure I double shampoo it! It’s important to lather, rinse and repeat. The first shampoo you do is to remove any sebum (oil) that your scalp has accumulated since your last wash. Generally it won’t lather too much if you are using sulphate free shampoos (which Evo is of course!) but the next shampoo will! Work it in again, rinse and then let’s get on to the next step.

To condition, I am using the Evo – Fabuloso Pro Volume Conditioner (RRP $39.95) with platinum toner added in it. By the way, we make this toner & conditioner especially tailored for your hair colour, for you here in the salon! So this wonderful product is designed to condition your locks, reviving it back to life. It adds shine, intensifies the colour while also toning it. Perfect! I comb this through my hair in the shower, and leave it on for a few minutes, then wash it out!

Once a week, I use a quick treatment. And when I say quick, it really is! Caviar – 3 Minute Shine Boost ($39.95) is a shine treatment that seals the cuticle with a moisturising layer. My hair always feels silkier, more vibrant and healthier after this. It’s the best!

For my body, I am using  The Body Shop – Moringa Shower Gel (RRP $9.95) which smells incredibly fresh and has many benefits for my skin. The featured ingredient Moringa Oil which is extracted from the Moringa tree, holds 7x more Vitamin C than an orange, four times the calcium in milk, four times the vitamin A in carrots, two times the protein in milk, and three times the potassium in bananas. So yeah, it’s safe to say that I’m really in love with this at the moment!

Now you know what I’m using! I like to change it up a bit and try new products, so I’ll let you know if I find anything else amazing ;)
Have a great long weekend everyone, stay safe and see you all next week!

A Few Of Our Favourite Things


It has been such a fast paced few months here at Blisque. I can’t believe it is already mid April! We are keeping busy with doing hair transformations each day, enjoying listening to how your days are going, getting brides ready for their magical day (read about it here), getting creative with make up looks, we introduced the incredible Olaplex (read about it here) and absolutely everything in between!
But like you guys, we also need to take a breather every now and then. So let’s take 5 and catch up with some of the girls and their favourite things.

Tori Talks Fashion: Jac N Jean
Supporting local businesses has always been a passion of ours, which is why it doesn’t stop Tori from shopping until she drops! The fresh, city-look store is always offering the latest trends in women’s and men’s clothing but with the Mornington Peninsula location. Tori says she is always on the hunt for unique and fashionable pieces, and has never been failed by Jac N Jean’s wide variety of choices – stocking everything from casual day wear to beautiful night wear. Her most recent purchase is a Nique Knit in grey. It is the perfect oversized jumper with a roll neck and raglan sleeves!

Sarah Noisette Talks Fitness: Bikram Yoga
With Autumn well under way, our little Noisey is definitely missing the sun – so what better way to unwind, or even start the day than with 26 different Yoga poses performed in 40 degree heat and 40% humidity. She has just started to discover the incredible physical and emotional health benefits of this heated class, and takes 90 minutes to immerse herself into the holistic practice of Yoga. Keeping local, she attends Bikram Yoga Peninsula twice a week!

Alisha Talks Food: Carbonara Pasta
Life gets busy for everyone, we get that. We all work, have commitments, friendships, relationships, and everything else we try and fit into our schedules. But that doesn’t stop Alisha from heading home to Mum every now and then for a home cooked meal! “She makes the best Chicken and Bacon Carbonara dish and I seriously can’t get enough of it. I can even take a container home and eat it for lunch at work the next day” We love our Mums!

Sarah Ryan Talks Makeup: Napoleon
As a makeup artist, Sarah takes pride in using only the best quality products on her skin. Which is why she chooses Napoleon Perdis. Her favourite product at the moment is the Napoleon Foundation Stick – Look 3. It’s double duty and long lasting, providing buildable coverage to suit your needs with a beautiful matte finish! What more could you ask for out of a foundation?

Well now you know a little bit about what we’re obsessing over at the moment! We’d love to hear from you guys too, what are you loving right now?! Let us know over on our Facebook page or Instagram @blisquesalon ! Thanks for reading everyone, and we hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Don’t forget to phone us at Blisque Salon on (03) 9775 2949 to book your appointments, or via our Contact Page here!

Olaplex: The Holy Grail Of Hair Colour

Imagine if I told you that I have a product that will revolutionise your hair colour. Bleaching it, really pushing its limits, giving you the chance to do something you’ve ever done before – And with no breakage or damage. Sounds too good to be true?
Well imagine no longer, because Olaplex is coming to Blisque!

Olaplex is a complete game changer, and we are so excited to be one of the only salons in the Mornington Peninsula to be exclusively offering this service to our wonderful clients.

So now I bet you are asking – What exactly is it? What IS Olaplex?
Olaplex is a 3 step process used exclusively in the salon to really get the best possible result for your hair.
When using standard colour on your hair, they have been designed to break bonds in the hair. By breaking the bonds, it lifts and deposits colour. With Olaplex, it multiplies and rebuilds those bonds stronger than they were before.

1. We add the ‘Bond Multiplier No. 1‘ directly to the lightener or colour. It is a single active ingredient that reconnects broken disulphide sulphur bonds in the hair. These bonds can break when exposed to chemicals in colour, from heat, and mechanical force such as combing wet hair. Additionally, it can also be used as a strengthening treatment for your hair without having to colour it.

2. To eliminate any breakage, we apply ‘Bond Perfector No. 2‘ after rinsing the colour from your hair, and prior to shampooing it. This step is necessary to link the remaining disulphide bonds before and after service restoring the strength, structure and integrity of the hair.

3. Hair Perfector No. 3‘ is a further treatment that you can do in the comfort of your own home. This treatment will maintain strength, structure, integrity, softness and shine of your hair, leading up to your next service at Blisque. You should use it once a week for full benefits.

So now you know what it is, what it does, and how we use it. This product is seriously going to change the way you look at hair. We will be able to push boundaries further than ever before. I am so excited to be able to offer this incredible service to you all. This is going to give you the confidence, the insurance, and most importantly – The ability to colour or lighten your hair at any level, without the risk of breakage. What more could you want from a hair service? If you would like to read more, visit the official Olaplex Frequently Asked Questions.

OLAPLEX – Coming to Blisque Salon soon!
You will love it, we promise.